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MANHART Carbon Hood

MANHART Performance use specifically developed carbon parts. The development always focuses on a design, which follows function. The MANHART carbon hood follows this path perfectly. Made of high quality carbon fiber the MANHART hood has got several advantages over a standard metal hood due to its material and design. Firstly we focused on weight savings when creating the MANHART carbon hood. Whilst a standard hood of a BMW M6 weighs about 12,5 kg, the MANHART hood only weighs 8,05 kg. This is a weight reduction of almost 4,5 kg with just one single body part.

Apart from the weight advantage the MANHART hood is specifically designed not only to look good, but also to improve the performance of the engine. With its GTR-style air vents which cover about one-fifth of the hood’s surface, the MANHART hood offers an enhanced circulation of air in the engine bay. Consequently at higher vehicle speeds, a stronger flow of air will ensure enhanced flow of the hot air exiting the engine bay. Especially for high performance engines this additional cooling is a very useful feature.

For many sports-car or supercar owners the look is almost as important as the performance. With this in mind the MANHART carbon hood was developed to upgrade the overall look of the vehicle. While designing the hood we focused on making the hood look stunning compared to a standard hood. The improved sporty and dynamic look is never too intrusive. Following this principle the MANHART carbon hood perfectly fits into the design language of MANHART Performance. Sporty an more dynamic than a standard car, but always elegant and sleek. This is the principle based on which the MANHART carbon hood is a great visual addition to any car.

MANHART MH8 800 – the fastest M8 Competition in the world!

The M8 Competition is undoubtedly one of the absolute spearheads in the M GmbH model range. With 625 hp, 750 Nm torque and a top speed of up to 305 km/h, the top-of-the-line BMW model is fascinatingly fast even in series production. But it can get even more extreme, as MANHART Performance has proven. The company from Wuppertal has been specialized in the optimizing of BMW vehicles for many years and by using its outstanding experience, the experts have now released the World’s fastest BMW M8 Competition: Raise the curtain for the MANHART MH8 800!

Following the conversion, the rapid sports coupe produces no less than 823 hp plus 1,050 Nm and combines ultimate exclusivity with absolutely outstanding sportiness. The MH8 800 needs only 2.6 seconds to sprint from a standing start to 100 km/h, which means a noticeable reduction compared to the 3.2 seconds of the series M8. Acceleration from 100 to 200 km/h takes just 5.7 seconds. The MANHART turbo kit comes with a MANHART intercooler and a revision of the software on the engine control unit. These are responsible for the significant increase in performance of the 4.4-liter biturbo V8 (S63).

Another new feature is the stainless steel rear silencer with a remote valve, which ends in four 100-mm tailpipes, optionally with carbon or ceramic-coated look. Rounding off the exhaust package are – without TÜV approval only for export – the OPF-delete replacement pipe, made of stainless steel and set of race downpipes, without catalytic converters. The MANHART Emulator Control Module (ECM) valve control and the MANHART ECM Deleter are available to match the exhaust hardware.

In order to be able to withstand the increased power of the engine without any problems, the transmission has also been upgraded. Height-adjustable coil springs from KW are responsible for lowering the MH8 800. They are height adjustable up to approximately 30 millimeters. In addition, the Coupé also has a special MANHART suspension set-up and the factory-standard carbon-ceramic brake system. Both can be individually configured upon request.

Visually, the MH8 800 also stands out from the standard M8 Competition: the front spoiler lip and inserts on the front apron make the face of the 8-Series even more dynamic and aggressive – perfect overtaking prestige is guaranteed here! The components are made of carbon, as is the rear spoiler lip and the diffuser insert. Finally, rounding the MH8 800 off perfectly are the decorative stripes in gold, which contrast against the black background. The same color combination is also shown on the MANHART Concave One alloy wheels in 9×21 and 10.5×21 inches with tires in 265/30 ZR21 and 305/25 ZR21. They combine a glossy black finish with a golden edge on the lightweight rim. Last but not least, MANHART has a carbon refinement package for the stock steering wheel and carbon shift paddles available to customize the interior.

All other facts as well as price and delivery information are available on our MANHART Performance website, in the new MANHART Performance online shop or directly from the MANHART Performance sales team. The MANHART MH8 800 impressively demonstrates its performance in this YouTube video from AutoTopNL, which can be viewed below:

Carbon Exterior Parts

Starting out in the world of motorsport, the use of carbon parts has turned into a key role to make road legal cars lighter and better looking as well. There is no doubt that carbon fiber products have several advantages over metal and plastic parts, when it comes to the best mixture of weight and stability.

MANHART Performance offers a wide range of different carbon parts to enhance the aerodynamic characteristics of your sports-car or supercar. Made in Germany our carbon products not only stand for high quality material. All MANHART carbon parts where developed to follow one simple rule: Design follows function. Our range includes front- and rear spoilers, diffusers and full carbon hoods.

Make sure to check out our complete product overview in the MANHART Performance web store.

High quality carbon parts

The utilization of carbon fiber parts is not a privilege of motorsports only these days. By now many road legal cars come with carbon fiber applications as standard. Of course, carbon fiber has several advantages over plastic or metal due to its combination of being very light but strong at the same time. However, for many customers it’s all about good looks.

That’s why MANHART Performance also adds carbon fiber applications to our cars. The MANHART carbon parts for vehicles like the BMW X6M or BMW M5 F90 are parts which have been designed and developed in-house. Development and production takes place in Germany to guarantee the highest quality possible. CAD development takes a key role in the development of all MANHART carbon parts. CAD technology allows us to aim for the best standards in fitment and outward appearance.

You will find all our carbon parts in the MANHART Performance web store.

MANHART Suspension Upgrades

Sports-cars and supercars always demand the right suspension set up for proper road contact. Owners who want to push their cars to the limit opt for the right suspension for their beloved vehicle and the various advantages it will bring.

As partner of KW suspensions we have been relying on KW products for many years. Lowering kits or fully adjustable coil-over suspension kits, we offer a wide range of KW products to make your car look better and allow yourself to enhance the performance of your sports-car.

Next to full suspension kits, we also offer lowering springs for a wide range of cars. You will find a complete overview of our offering in the MANHART web shop.

MANHART Carbon Spoiler

The MANHART front spoiler is a first class feature to add even more presence to your sports car or supercar. Made of high quality carbon fiber in Germany. The MANHART front spoiler enhances the aerodynamic attributes of your car. With its fins on each side the MANHART front spoiler channels air and channels it right around the car.

Thanks to the light weight material, the MANHART front spoiler doesn’t affect the car’s weight by any significant means. Whilst the weight is not worth mentioning the visual effect on your sports car or supercar is. The MANHART front spoiler adds more road presence and makes the car look lower, wider and more aggressive. The clear coated carbon structure adds more exclusivity as well. The MANHART carbon front spoiler works best in combination with the MANHART carbon hood and carbon diffuser.

MANHART Stainless Steel Downpipes

Not only the looks arouse emotions in us car lovers. The sound counts often even more. The roar that is produced when your foot steps on the gas pedal, is transformed into pure emotion. To enhanced this process, we at MANHART Performance have a range of options to upgrade the emotional connection with your car.

We offer you the option to change the downpipe(s) or rear mufflers on your beloved sports-car or supercar. We can even replace the full exhaust system with an aftermarket cat-back system which allows you to gain more performance and an increased sound track from your vehicle. The most important factors for an optimal sound experience are high quality materials, precise workmanship and accuracy of fit.

Our downpipes are developed and built in Germany. Every downpipe is handcrafted from stainless steel by using the WIG welding process. We offer two types of downpipes divided in two groups called “Sport” and “Race”. Our Sport downpipes come with catalysts and German TÜV approval! Our Race downpipes are catless versions only to be used for motorsport purposes and available for client outside the German market. We also offer OPF replacement pipes for GPF/OPF vehicles. These don’t have TÜV approval.

You will find the exhaust systems and downpipes in our webs store.

MANHART Concave One Wheels

The MANHART Concave One aluminum rim is a real all-rounder in a single package. Carefully crafted with high quality materials, the Concave One obtains both quality and tremendous looks. In-house designed, it allows our development team to offer the best quality standards, which not only match our own but also those of our customers.

The Concave One wheel has several performance advantages due to the use of high quality aluminum. Especially when driving so-called low section tires the MANHART alloy rims help to increase ride comfort compared to steel rims. Aluminum is handling impacts much better and the Concave One is able to absorb especially short bumps and shocks much better than a traditional steel wheel set up.

Apart from better shock absorbing, the Concave One also has a better thermal conductivity than normal steel rims. The Concave One also helps to cool the brake system. Last but not least the low weight of the MANHART alloy rim supports an advanced power to weight ratio which is essential on sports-cars and supercars.

Besides several technical advantages we focused on a stunning design for the Concave One rim. Through its concave shape and a delicate two-spoke set up with six symmetrically arranged twin spokes the Concave One wheel set up always seems strikingly big and dynamic, but sleek and stylish at the same time.

The Concave One is available in Silk-Matte Black and Diamond Polished. In matte black the MANHART wheel is ideal for white or black cars. On white cars the Concave One has the potential to contrast the body colour and add a particular visual enhancement. On black cars it significantly supports the so-called “stealth look”.

In Diamond Polished, the Concave One looks good on almost any car no matter what the body colour is. Especially in connection to darker colors such as dark blue. The Concave Once is a great design upgrade due to its high sheen surface on the twin spokes. With its slight two-tone design and the anthracite rim well, the twin spokes silver shine is highlighted but still keeps an elegant appearance.

No matter if they are 19- up to 22-inch, whether SUV or sporty coupe, the Concave One is a unique eye-catcher on any sports-car or supercar! The rims are available via our MANHART Performance store.

MANHART Exhaust Tips

To complete your MANHART Performance exhaust, the MANHART exhaust tips made in Germany are a great feature to enhance the look of your exhaust and contribute to upgrading the rear look of your car.

The ceramic coated exhaust tips add a sporty touch to your exhaust and look fantastic from every angle. The tips are crested with discrete MANHART lettering in gold. Moreover, as they are ceramic coated, they protect the exhaust tips from sticky dirt and dust. Giving them a good wash is enough to clean them and they will look as good as new.

The carbon exhaust tips add a wonderful touch to your exhaust and do look amazing from every angle. Moreover, as they are in carbon, they weigh nothing and are strong parts. Our exhaust tips are TÜV approved and available in our store.

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