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Bespoke Trimming

Overfinch interiors are a perfect blend of beauty with functionality. As a personal space, Overfinch Bespoke Trimming ensures that your vehicle is at the very forefront of both comfort and style through our expertise in high quality leatherwork.

Overfinch use only the finest Bridge of Weir leather for interior trimming, as these hides are sourced from the finest Northern European cattle breeds, farmed using historic techniques that minimise imperfections in the leathers. The hides are tanned using purified Scottish waters, for a result that is unrivalled in terms of softness, appearance and durability.

Alongside the two proprietary interior schemes that are offered, Overfinch allows for an even greater freedom of choice with the trimming of your vehicle. For those that wish to take their vehicles one step further, our designers and craftspeople can offer a wide choice of options.

Bespoke Badging

The Overfinch name adorns the bonnet of ever unique vehicle that we create, and as such, the badging is a visual representation of the quality of our conversions. Overfinch lettering and badges are hand made using the traditional techniques of the oldest British Jewellery firms.

As Overfinch Bespoke Badging is hand-made to order, above and beyond the wide range of finishes that are offered for the lettering, the options for enamelled, etched or even precious stone inlays are endless. Our designers and craftsmen can create bespoke metalwork for your vehicle that guarantees to add the perfect finishing touch.

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