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2017 hamann range rover evoque cabrio

HAMANN Range Rover Evoque Coupe

Range Rover used to stand for angular all-terrain vehicles with an outdated country gentry image – but that was before the Evoque came on the motoring scene. Gone are the days when it was mostly customers with check quilted Barbour jackets and Burberry scarves who purchased models from this brand. The new compact SUV is setting out to be young, trendy and modern. The vehicle’s sales success is proving it correct in its aspirations. But this group of customers doesn’t want to just buy something «off the peg»; they want a little individuality. And this is exactly what they get from HAMANN-Motorsport – both with the five-door model as well as with the three-door coupe.

The HAMANN designer touch not only adds significantly to the little Range Rover’s presence; the sporty, masculine outline also makes it a real head-turner on the street. It’s not the two-part front spoiler or the tailored side skirts that are responsible for this; instead it is the fender flares that make the difference, with all the other bodywork components being subordinate to this. They lend the SUV some overtaking prestige and give the model the desired level of respect. The vehicle has undergone a special kind of muscle training if you will, as the HAMANN-tuned model has grown 70 millimetres at the front axle and 80 millimetres at the rear axle compared with the standard version.

And speaking of overtaking: When the HAMANN Evoque appears in other drivers’ rear-view mirrors, it’s not fooling around: it has what it takes to leave other cars behind. This is ensured by the various performance-boosting kits available from HAMANN. As a result of the interplay between the different HAMANN components, including a high-performance exhaust system, a sports air filter and an optimised engine map, the 2.2 Si4 delivers a full power increase of 38 hp (28 kW). In the case of the diesel models (2.2 TD4, 2.2 ED4 and 2.2 SD4), engine performance is boosted by up to 31 hp (25 kW). Meanwhile, the vehicle’s torque soars by 65 Nm in the tuned model, propelling the sporty SUV from corner to corner with ease.

No matter how many bends the driver must deal with, the Evoque never loses contact with the road surface. The suspension-lowering springs in the HAMANN programme lower the SUV’s centre of gravity by 30 millimetres, benefiting its handling. Thanks to the three-part EDITION RACE «ANODIZED» aluminium wheels, the Evoque is transformed into a sports car. The 22-inch wheel rims with their anodised anthracite spokes, titanium screws and high-gloss polished rim flange are produced using forging technology, making them extremely light and reducing their unsprung mass.

Inside the SUV too, HAMANN customers are offered more features that take account of their desire for individuality. As a complement to the existing range of interior features that come as standard in the vehicle, HAMANN Motorsport also offers an extensive array of extras, ranging from personalised foot mats to a perfectly finished full leather interior. Decorative stitching finished by hand to perfection on the dashboard and the seats creates a visual focal point and completes the overall impression of beauty.

(HAMANN Press Release)

Hamann Range Rover Evoque Cabrio

With the current premium package from car refiner Hamann double fun in the Range Rover Evoque Convertible is guaranteed.

  • Open-top fun in the Range Rover Evoque Convertible – and double fun with the current premium package from car refiner Hamann
  • Meade-to-measure single components and a unique wide-body kit guarantee a strong appearance
  • Power advancements for the TD4 diesel engine and the top petrol engine Si4
  • Exclusive individualisation programme with monoblock wheel rims as well as one and multipart forged wheels

Laupheim, 16. August 2016. Range Rover’s small best-seller has got a cool brother – the Evoque Convertible, the world’s first open SUV. A courageous step of the British brand and a new challenge for car refiner Hamann in Swabian Laupheim. After its success with the coupé, Hamann can now also offer an extensive refinement package for the convertible: strong attachment parts, exclusive wheels, fine accessories, and the well-proven power advancements for the diesel engines and the top petrol version.

Hamann’s new front skirt, which presents itself much more powerful and accentuated than the standard version, gives the Evoque Convertible a particularly strong and self-confident appearance. The two-part grille, sophisticated air intakes on the left and right, and individually adjusted fibre-optic daytime running lights catch the eye. A completely new rear skirt that integrates the black or silver anodised Hamann tailpieces of the sports exhaust system ensures that the Evoque Convertible has a befitting appearance. Evoque fans who are enthusiastic about a more extreme look will enjoy the wide-body kit characteristic of Hamann Motorsport that will be available from autumn. The Swabian refiner accurately forms it to the standard body – with wide wing extensions and new side skirts that give the convertible a very special “spirit”.

It goes without saying that there needs to be more power behind such a strong look. By optimising the ignition map, Hamann advances the power of the ED4 diesel from 150 hp (110 kW) to 181 hp (135 kW) at 460 Nm instead of 380 Nm. Those who opt for the potent Si4 petrol engine may enjoy a power advancement of 20 hp to 260 hp (177 kW to 191 kW) at a torque of 480 Nm instead of 420 Nm.

Exclusive wheels and accessories

When going for unique and exclusive wheels the Evoque immediately becomes an eye-catcher on the road. Here, for many years, Hamann has been offering a programme, which is second to none. For example, with the monoblock wheel “Anniversary Evo”, an elegant multi-spoke wheel offered in 22 inches. Matching the car’s finish, the wheel is available in silver or in a particularly trendy matt black.

The cherry on the cake is Hamann’s offering of precious accessories for the interior: pedals in silver or black anodised aluminium, customised floor mats with embroidered Hamann logo and car door LED welcome projector lights that make the access to the car both safer and unique. These and many more refinement options Hamann offers individually or in a package. The always carefully concerted modules guarantee a coherent overall concept. Hamann realises the exclusive individualisations at its headquarters in Laupheim or at international partner sites.

(Hamann Press Release)

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