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Spacetourer 4×4 ë concept

А под капотом?

Именно здесь C-Métisse становится очень интересным (если вас, конечно, интересуют подобные вещи) — спереди под капотом 2,7-литровый дизельный V6 мощностью 210 лошадиных сил, сзади два электродвигателя мощностью 20 лошадиных сил каждый, шестиступенчатая коробка передач и обязательные подрулевые лепестки.

В совокупности три мотора разгоняют автомобиль до сотни за 6,2 секунды. При этом заявленный Citroen расход топлива в 5,5 литров не сильно впечатляют для «автомобиля будущего». Кстати, Peugeot также экспериментировал с дизельной гибридной технологией на кроссовере 3008 первого поколения в 2012 году, но это было далеко от того, чтобы называться хитом.


For demanding situations it’s equipped with a special disengageable 4×4 transmission. This 4WD conversion, also possible on the production version of the SpaceTourer and already available on special order in the Citroën network, was realised by the Brand’s partner Automobiles Dangel, a French all-terrain specialist.

Offering even greater motoring freedom, the drive train offers 4×4 abilities while safeguarding road holding, vital performance and safety of the SpaceTourer. The all-terrain system ensures traction in low-grip situations. Drivers can get themselves out of sticky circumstances thanks to the car’s rear axle lock system controlled via a button on the dashboard.

The 4WD conversion is even more efficient on the XS version, making SpaceTourer even more effective on difficult surfaces.


Ideal for «tribes» of families and friends looking for stylish and relaxed motoring adventures, the Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept has a high-set driving position, a welcoming interior and unrivalled comfort.
As befits a functional and welcoming vehicle, boot access is available via the opening rear window and cabin access by two hands-free sliding side doors. This last feature is a first in the segment. Motorists can open and close the doors with their hands full and comfortably access the Citroën SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept.
The occupants have up to 74 litres of open storage spaces (glove boxes) and closed storage spaces (door pockets) ingeniously located around the cabin. There is also sufficient space in the back to house a snowboard, leisure accessories or other items from the «Ë» collection. The concept car has a load volume of up to two cubic metres in this five-seat layout.


Combining the best features of vans and SUVs, the design emphasises above all, the concept car’s all-terrain abilities. The SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept is equipped with special front and rear protective skid plates and roof bars with a satin aluminium finish. Recognizable with its «4X4» logo under the door mirrors and on the tailgate, it also features tyres with snow chains.
While its flowing and unaggressive body styling initially evokes vitality and balance, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept showcases the model’s original styling with original body paint. To visually boost its personality, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept is cloaked in a special Technical White colour on the front and the tailgate.

The profile and the bonnet are adorned with a trendy camouflage design in Technical Grey hues boosted with a red decal. Touches of the same red colour punctuate the wheels, equipped with 19-inch alloys in dark chrome.

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